Soft Skills

Course Curriculum Total learning: 34 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 100 weeks CoursesSoft SkillsSoft Skills 1. Communication Skills – Verbal 2 Lecture1.1 Communication Skills – Verbal Quiz1.1 test1 1 question 4. Mindset – Confidence Booster 1 Lecture2.1 Mindset – Confidence …

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Course Curriculum

Total learning: 34 lessons / 1 quiz Time: 100 weeks


    Born and brought up in Hyderabad, Ramachandran K is a certified Soft Skills Trainer, Mindset coach, with a Master's in English and more than 15 years of Teaching and Training experience. With a mission to inspire many and help them achieve their goals he strongly believes that, “Every individual is Special and can Design the future at any point of time.” He shares that, inevitably there is a dying down of interest in the things we do, when we are faced with many new challenges and ups and downs in LIFE. That is the point of time, “Where we really look for someone to share our feelings and who can really help or support us emotionally to face the ordeals in a better way.” Having gone through these tough phases in person as a student, teenager, family man, as an employee learnt many life lessons and evolved from the best student to the one of the Best coaches mentoring people from all walks of life. He is a lover of Nature and a strong believer of values and showed an early interest in Meditation and spiritual growth. He believes that individual peace promotes a happy family and happy family makes a happy society and it contributes to world peace. So, in this journey: YOU and YOUR SOFTSKILLS are the key for Your success. “May We all shine like a Sun, spreading the Joy and Radiance of Love”


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